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The Value of Hyperlocal Marketing and Local SEO

The streets outside your store are teeming with prospective customers. Potential clients are “Facebooking” in their bedrooms,”Tweeting” at work and “Foursquaring” their way around town on a night out.

How can you reach them?

Welcome to the tricky process of “hyperlocal” marketing: advertising pitched at building on your best source of custom, the local market.

In this article we’ll run through some hyperlocal marketing statistics, and suggest ways you can put them to use to grow your business traffic.

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The Google Mobile Movement Study found that 88% of consumers who search for a business on their mobile device call or visit that business within 24 hours. You can maximize your chances by ensuring you’ve included your company phone number on your website – amazingly, 60% of local businesses don’t – and integrating with Google+ Local, the modern-day Yellow Pages of the Internet. Usage of mobile browsers is growing fast, so getting your contact details onto the web makes sense.

Over half of Americans have ditched the phonebook and now use a search engine instead. This is even more pronounced among younger demographics, which pretty much never use a phonebook at all. If you’re marketing toward younger age brackets, phonebook ads are useless: if they’re never seen, they’re never effective.

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Bing has data to prove that 70% of mobile device searches are followed by a search-relevant action within the hour. It pays to make sure your business ranks highly in those search results, as 75% of users never scroll past the first page. Some SEO can be done in-house. For instance, you can set up your site so search engines know your location, which will rank you more highly in search results for users in your vicinity. If you’re happier outsourcing the effort, consider partnering with a dedicated SEO agency specializing in local SEO. Look at reviews of local SEO agencies, such as reviews of Yodle, and find out what customers say about their level of service.

Mobile coupons achieve ten times the redemption rate of traditional coupons, so partner with local discovery and directory services. Only 50% of local searches ever touch a search engine, and the other half occur through other directories or mobile apps. Local directory services, especially ones with the ability to offer downloadable coupons or vouchers, provide free search visibility alongside a method to jump-start the customer conversion process.

The CMO Council, Brand Automation for Local Activation, reports that 58% of marketing execs see local marketing as essential to business growth and profitability, and more than a few marketing experts predict a huge increase in local marketing from national brands over the coming years.

That puts them in direct competition with you, which could make your job more difficult over the coming years. If you take advantage of this period of quiet, where most businesses are engaging unsuccessfully and larger brands are yet to enter the fray, you will be able to build an existing audience when it’s much easier to do so.

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