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Samsung Galaxy NX Camera Review

The all new Samsung Galaxy NX camera has been getting quite a lot of popularity lately, where it is known for its numerous features and outstanding physical appearance. This camera is durable, stylish, and the ultimate investment for anyone who might want a quality camera without spending too much. Samsung is well known for having some of the greatest quality products on the market. Literally all of their products have individual features that no other similar products offer. This in turn has allowed the brand to be one of the top electronic device brands out there.

Samsung Galaxy NX camera Pros And Cons


One of the main advantages to this Samsung Galaxy NX camera would have to be the fact that it has such a long battery life. Once it is fully charged, it can last for over 12 hours, which is relatively long considering the fact that the average battery life of cameras nowadays is just 6 hours. With built in 3G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi access, Samsung envisions it to be the “always connected” type of camera. This is a very nifty feature because it allows you to download your photos instantly once you have captured a gorgeous image. From a more connected standpoint, this Galaxy NX really does everything except make calls. It is also a very durable camera that will not damage or malfunction regardless of how often it is used. The picture quality that the Samsung Galaxy NX creates in every photo is seriously outstanding. Whether you are in low lighting conditions or not, you will be able to take sharp and clear photos. Another great benefit to this camera would have to be that it takes great quality photos instantly.

Although the Samsung Galaxy NX camera uses the 1.6GHz quad core processor, Samsung was made to supplement it with the exact same DRIMe IV image processor as the NX300. Plus, it even has a 16GB built in memory which is quite big compared to other cameras at the same price. That should provide a more speedier image processing compared to the Galaxy Camera. Samsung has definitely learned some useful lessons from their earlier models as well. The big battery and design grips with a thumb rest at the back even contrasts it with the Galaxy Camera which is relatively poor in battery life with a lack of placement for your thumbs.

Samsung Galaxy



One downside to the Samsung Galaxy NX camera would be that it is quite bulky and big. Of course, that is inescapable given its 4.8-inch LCD, the APS-C sensor, and its built in EVF. Also, a couple of Samsung’s greatest lenses are also a bit big and heavy, but it does act as a hot spot that makes the entire idea of it around a bit more palatable which was made for professionals. Other than these very minor drawbacks, the Samsung Galaxy NX camera is definitely worth buying because it is filled with advantages that really outweighs its disadvantages.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy NX camera Review is a great camera that beginners and skilled photographers will find to be a great investment. It is designed just right with a quality design.

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