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Now Track your Finances on Mobile

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Personal Capital. All opinions are 100% mine.

Keeping track of your personal finances is the one of the most vital part of our lives and it becomes extremely hard if we forget something. Life has gone mobile and your finances should be no different. Keeping tabs with all aspects of your finances is extremely important.

Mobile apps have taken over the internet world and there is an app for everything, so why not track your finances on your Mobiles and take a breath from switching over to your PC for everything. Now there is a free app available on your iPadiPhoneAndroid mobile known as Personal Capital Application that helps you to keep track of your income, expenses and cash flow.

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In this app your accounts from separate money instruments such as mutual funds, stocks, money market accounts, checking/savings are all integrated with ease. Private investment advisors are available to provide additional account management services for a low 1% fee, but the app itself is 100% free.

Frankly speaking, I find the most useful aspects of Personal Capital Application is the abitlity to track all my finances in one go, allowing me to check on my net worth in a go. Just by keying in simple financial data, I know my monetary standing, allowing me to take quick action to build a healthy financial cash flow and to save up for my retirement down the road in years to come.

If you know how much you are earning, spending and saving on the same screen with updated results then you can easily decide your future plans and cut down your expenses or buy your most wanted things, this helps in making decisions really easy. With this nifty app, I can start having golden retirement years instead of woeful years ahead. Then I can start controlling my expenditure without making a big hole in my wallet.

So, I would encourage you to download this Free app and see for yourself the amazing useful features to experiment with. You can easily remove it if you dont like it but trust me you will love it once you are in it, so try it out today as its free.


 Now Track your Finances on Mobile

 Now Track your Finances on Mobile

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