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Hidden Features Of Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S is the latest iPhone model to be announced by Apple. It sells expensive when compared to its initial counterparts although it has some great features. However, it is important to understand the features of this latest Apple iPhone model before deciding on whether to go for it or not. Below is an exclusive review that will enlighten you on what to expect with these devices.

Features Of The iPhone 5S

  1. They are designed in three different colors for users to choose from. The iPhone 5S has an aluminum housing that is crafted with a gold standard. Its design cannot be unmatched by any other design and it is unbelievably light and thin.
  2. They are designed with a new home button that is integrated with a fingerprint sensor. Placing your finger on the home button/ sensor unlocks your Apple iPhone 5s. You do not require a passcode.
  3. The home button is designed using a scratch-proof sapphire.
  4. The iPhone is designed with a new processor A7 that is twice faster as compared to the processor in Apple iPhone produced last year.
  5. The camera capabilities are highly improved. It has image stabilization that prevents accidental taking of blurry photos. The camera can also take a maximum of four quick photos at the same time and merge them into one perfect photo.
  6. The camera is designed with a special dual flash that facilitates production of quality colors in photos. The flash also ensures that production of accurate skin tones whenever there is low light.
  7. The video mode of the camera is capable of shooting slow-motion videos. It also allows for editing of photos and videos in the desirable manner.
  8. It is integrated with a Face Time HD camera. Users can be there on screen without being there in person. Using the Face Time Video call, users can share good news or say good night to their best friends. The camera features larger pixels as well as an improved backside illumination sensor.
  9. It offers ultra-fast wireless networking. Users can browse, download and even stream content at very exciting and blazing-fast speeds.
  10. It runs under iOS 7 which is considered to be the most advanced operating system in the mobile industry all over the world. The operating system displays a manifestation of simplicity since all the things that do not add value are completely stripped away.

Apple iPhone 5S

Pros Of iPhone 5S

  • It has enhanced security due to the fingerprint scanner that acts as an unlocking mechanism.
  • The fingerprint scanner can recognize three types of fingerprints; arch, loop and whorl.
  • It has a faster processing speed than its earlier versions.

No major constraints have been noted over the use of iPhone 5S since its introduction. Since its introduction into the Apple iPhone market, iPhone 5S has become a popular choice for many due to its advantages and exclusive features. Owning such a technical device provides you with an opportunity to experience the new dimension of technology. Definitely, iPhone 5S is simply the biggest thing that has happened to Apple since the introduction of the iPhone devices.

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