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Boombox Metal Wristwatch Cool Timepiece

Boombox metal wristwatch is not your average timepiece. It is a perfect blend of modern and old school, bringing back the retro style with a vengeance. The wristwatch will make you travel back to times when music comes out of these boomboxes instead of from your phone. Functionality-wise, the wristwatch does not differ much from other timepieces, but it will show your style to girls you are trying to woe, especially those who share the same sentimental memories about those past time with you.

The Boombox metal wristwatch will not shy away in displaying your love for boombox time. The Boombox metal wristwatch retro design displays the time in the middle of the boombox where you used to put cassettes in. Two speakers are placed on each side of Boombox metal wristwatch LCD that displays the time digitally. Above the LCD, a line of FM/AM radio tuner is displayed along with two volume knobs. The boombox even has the bar-style handle that used to be very functional for carrying it around.

Features of Boombox Metal Wristwatch

The main attraction of Boombox metal wristwatch is undeniably its striking Boombox miniature design of 2×1.42 inches. Its digital LCD display is neat and clean. Although the design is quite large for a watch, it does not operate on D batteries. In fact, its battery consumption is quite low thanks to its automatic standby mode after three seconds. Push buttons for operating the watch are available on the sides of the boombox.

Boombox Metal Wristwatch

Other Features of Boombox Metal Wristwatch

Unfortunately, this metal wristwatch does not play MP3 for the moment despite its double speakers on the front. The design and the material is more than enough to make this unique timepiece a great gift for your beloved ones, though. You can obtain this Boombox metal wristwatch for $89.99.

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