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WINRAR 4.01 final 32/64 bit [Full version]

The new Version of Winrar i.e. Winrar 4.20 is available here -> Winrar 4.20 32/64 bit Final Full Version with key – Free Download

1. Added support for file sizes stored in binary format in TAR archives. Some TAR archives use the binary size format instead of octal for files larger than 8 GB.

2. Bugs fixed:

a) “Repair” command failed to properly reconstruct structure of RAR archives, which contained at least one file with packed size exceeding 4 GB.

This bug did not affect the recovery record based repair. It happened only if recovery record was not found and WinRAR performed reconstruction of archive structure,

b) Even if “Do not extract paths” option in “Advanced” part of extraction dialog was set as the default, WinRAR still unpacked file paths if called from Explorer context menu.

c) After entering a wrong password for encrypted ZIP archive, sometimes WinRAR ignored subsequent attempts to enter a valid

d) “Wizard” command did not allow to create self-extracting and multivolume archives, when compressing a single folder
or a file without extension.

e) “Import settings from file” command did not restore multiline comments in WinRAR compression profiles and many more…

Winrar supports the following formats:


Download Here :

Note: More than 20k downloads have been done so far.


To unzip the folder please download the trial version of Winrar from here – Download Trial Version of Winrar..

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    1. thanks for providing the link kashish…

    2. check the other unpatched link to winrar

    3. Man you have uploading a RAR software which is compressed in .rar format…… which needs a WINRAR software to extract :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    4. nice work :) thanks dude :D

    5. Kami-sama /

      the language is in spanish or portuguese how do i change it?

    6. luvo /

      finally i found it..thank you..

    7. Dhananjay /

      Thanks for the download, loving it.

    8. Prakash /

      How to get download file??

    9. shay /

      Thanks man

    10. masora /

      thank you kashish.

    11. peeoana /

      Thank you…Kub

    12. Gonzalo /

      Thanks for the file.. Appreciate it.

    13. how stupid you are :\ im looking for winrar to install and you give it in rar extension how can i extract it :ppppp

      • Read the comments above. I have already given the link to download trial version of winrar.

      • I am not a developer myself but you come out with a good open source software then I would be happy to promote it here. All the Best.

    14. Gracias cabron!

    15. vernujan /

      thanks my friend

    16. Thanks buddy ..

    17. can someone tell me what is the pass
      because when i click the pass link im not seeing the pass .!

    18. can someone tell me what is the pass
      because when i click the pass link it just go to digiupdates and i cant find where is the pass !!!

    19. Working, thanks! Didn’t have to install it again, just had to put the file in the winrar folder. NO MORE TRIAL MESSAGE! I was about to get crazy from it. Thank you. :)

    20. thanx

    21. Would have been helpful if you compress the file with Zip or just a exe file. How the heck u unrar the file when you don’t have winrar installed it yet. thanks anyway.

    22. nitin aswal /

      please help me u have any key of quick heeal antivirus..

    23. by the way how may i know that my winrar download from you is already full version, anyways thanks a lot keep sharing..

      • When you will open any winrar zipped file you will not get any popup message to register your version of winrar. That means it is already registered. Thanks

    24. sarawutta /

      thanks! Much appreciated.

    25. thx a lot!

    26. kiLLdisK /

      Many thanks for the update and patch included.

    27. Thanks alot

    28. how to install it?
      what’s the use of WinRAR4.exe..
      what’s the use of the file in the x32 & x64 +key??
      btw thanks for sharing…

    29. kumar.s.r /

      Thanks a Lot Kashish!!!

    30. Yasin İnegöl /

      working. thanks.

    31. thanks alot :) I’m an engineering student as well by the way , nice to meet you.
      thanks again

    32. Niiiiice

    33. สนใจครับ

    34. Good work !! :) thanks a lot !!

    35. satyajb /

      Do you have other softwares which compress more than winrar??
      n also thanks for version of winrar..

    36. The Jihad Warrior /

      thanks bro !! its work , and it’s registered under your name !! :)

    37. Thnx Man verry usefull !!!

    38. thank a lot

    39. thank you

    40. they need a password to download the rar file….
      please give me the password to download it…

    41. Ok I had winrar installed. Can you tell me how I use the rarreg.key to patch it? I don’t see any option on winrar to register.

    42. I just want to thank you for this new winrar version.

    43. Thank you very much

    44. thank you very much
      worked fine in both 32 /64

    45. nguon laos /

      After a short disappointed momoment, finally it works well.Thank’s a lot.

    46. I just click the provided link, but can’t find winrar downloadable link in opened page. Please give advice. Thanks

    47. Thanks a ton! Works great! But does not make sense in putting the installer in .rar :)

      • zipping the softwares makes it easy for us to upload and trial version is available for free on net… anyways.. thanks :)

    48. Great – works well— thankx

    49. pogito /


    50. Crack Not working!

    51. LOL.. This is crazy!! If some is downloading RAR, means he does not have it.. and then here the file in RAR as well :D
      insane :P

      • check the older comments please. We have provided the non-cracker link to winrar.. and the crack upload is zipped for your safety only.

    52. appMan /

      How you provide a rar file for the installation also for your download? how do you expect us to extract the rar file

      • kashish jain /

        Hi, We have given the direct download link to the trial version. You can use that to unzip it.

      • thanks! Much appreciated.

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