How to Add/Upload a Cover Photo to Your Facebook Timeline

Let say that You have activated your Facebook Timeline, and you’ve been exploring with them. Anyway, so far from what I’ve been explored about the New Timeline that’s you can see the images/photos with the Big size even larger, clear, and sharp than used to be seen before, including with the photos on the head area, right above your profile photo so-called the cover photo or image banner head photo of your Facebook Timeline which this an image space that represents you best. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.

Then while you’re exploring you might be wondered why you seen some of your friends has the cover image banner photo on their Facebook Timeline, but you’re not. Well, if you didn’t know how to add or upload a Cover Photo Banner to Your Facebook Timeline, then this post will show you how.

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Go to your profile Facebook Timeline page, and click “Add a Cover”

3. Then you can “choose photos” from your albums, or you can “Upload photo” for a new one (Note: It is better to choose a photo with a Big size for this cover banner head)

4. Then once you’ve uploaded the photo, you can reposition the photo by drag your mouse and then click “save”. Enjoy!

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    1. i cant upload my cover photo as there is no ‘cover photo’ or anything like that written on my timeline…. i have tried a billion times searching but it does not appear at all.

      • Are you sure you have got timeline activated for your profile ?? If yes just click on your name on the right top blue bar.. you will see the cover space box. In the cover box bottom right there will an option to add a new cover pic.

      • Check the dimensions of the image, If it is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall or smaller than it then you will not be able to reposition it. If it is larger than that then you can easily reposition it according to your choice.

    2. Also mention the default Max Size of fb cover is 850 x315 , You can also share with your reader about us , we create cover photos using friend profile picture.

    3. first when i signed up for the timeline I was not able to upload a cover pic, but this article help me a lot. thanks for sharing