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Counter Strike Xtreme V6 Free Download

counter strike xtreme v6 Counter Strike Xtreme V6 Free Download
Counter Strike Extreme V6 also called CS Xtreme is the game that combines among CS (Counter Strike), PB (Point Blank), and CF (Crossfire) CS Xtreme v6 is the final version of the best first person shooting game around the globe.

Counter Strike Extreme V6 : New Updates

There’s 19 different characters
There’s 20 Unique Rifles (Primary Weapon)
Dual Kriss di Machine Gun (Primary Weapon) and much more…
Operating System: Windows XP/7
Processor: P4 2.4Ghz or Better
Graphic Card: Gforce FX series or better


You can download for free Counter Strike Extreme V6 with the links from MediaFire. However it’s because the size of files are very BIG, we highly recommend you to download using IDM 6.07 Full


Download Links:-

Download Counter Strike Xtreme v6 2011 Part 1 | 190.73 MB
Download Counter Strike Xtreme v6 2011 Part 2 | 190.73 MB
Download Counter Strike Xtreme v6 2011 Part 3 | 190.73 MB

Download Counter Strike 1.6 V6 Maps FIle (3.2 MB)
Download Counter Strike Xtreme v6 2011 Bots File | 6 MB

Password :

Please ignore the ad as it is essential for us to keep a track of downloads. If you have any problems regarding the Counter Strike Xtreme V6 Free Download feel free to share with us.



The new version of Counter Strike is available here – Counter-Strike 1.6 Full v7 Free Download Direct Link


 Counter Strike Xtreme V6 Free Download

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    1. why i can’t download it??? and what happened to the media fire, i can’t download it now….

    2. where do i find part 4

    3. bagaimana cara download nya nhe brooo

    4. What is the password?

    5. can i download it without internet connection and without wifi .

      • I am sorry but I don’t think its possible to download anything from internet without having an internet connection.

    6. gimana download nya niehh

    7. guntar87 /

      that links refer to cs 1.6 v 7
      not a cs extreme v 6.1

    8. Michael Jordan /


    9. john karl arellamo /

      how can i download this game please tell me how to download please

    10. stanleypogi20 /

      i got it yes now i finally play yahooooooooooooo

    11. mmomo /

      gimna down load nya bagi orang indo

    12. ipang /

      gimana gan cara downloadnya

    13. nash /

      hey. i need help,How to ignore the adds,it gives me headache,i could not go in the direct link.pls help

      • After you click the link there is a skip ad button on the top-right side. You can click it and skip the ad.

    14. babat /

      new link please….thanks

    15. Gett Mari /

      I cannot click ok when the game starts. I qualify all the specs im running on a windows7 laptop.

    16. hello, do you have v7 ? i think it is new version

    17. do u have IDM 6.07 + full key patch??

    18. haikal /

      untuk memainkan cs tersebut saya harus mendownload semuanya gitu?????

    19. Hadji /

      It’s work on me.. All of the maps are doesn’t work.. Only “de_dust” and “de_dust2″ are playable .. The other maps are having a different problem..

      • Vincent Tan /

        try restarting the game
        only cs_backalley.bsp cs_estate.bsp cs_havana.bsp
        cs_office.bsp de_airstrip.bsp de_chateau.bsp
        de_piranesi.bsp de_torn.bsp de_vertigo.bsp are the ones
        that don’t work

    20. Thanks

    21. Rohail AKS /

      File removed, pls fix

    22. haribrata /

      1problem:idm has fake serial no. please tell me solution

    23. Adhi Putra /

      Mau download cs_xtreme tpi gx tau caranya???

    24. bro its removed…can upload to new link pls….

    25. Chopperman /

      why there is no zombie mod i just can play with human

    26. rizqi /

      gemana downloadnya help ksi tau aku help!!!!

    27. aint working for me.. =(( link just redirects me to mediafire homepage..

    28. Please upload it in different uploading site like glumbo and others. We are unable to download it

    29. kasi tau atu download nya

    30. thanks for sharing this full version..

    31. Need HELP! complete 100% donwload the csXtreme Part 1,2,3,4 and install in my computer! but there’s an error “Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not corrently registered: a file is misssing or invalid” then i try one of the solution for this error i used “Click Start -> Run and type ” REGSVR32 MSCOMCTL.OCX “” and prompt the next Error messages LoadLibrary (“MSCOMCTL.OCX”) Failed – The specified module could not be found.

    32. keaneeskie /

      haw can i install it?

    33. keaneeskie /

      do you have to download part 1, 2 ,3 ,4? after downloading how can i install it if thers 4 files!??

    34. pless help me to download my favorite game cs extream

    35. hey i downloaded but how can i play zombie mode? All the sections play normal mode. How can i play zombie mode?

    36. ferrichigo /

      Nice template blog.. Can you share with me… I need blogger template like this site.. Please…

    37. unable to initialize stream.. please help

    38. thats was perfect, running on WIn 7 Ultimate
      Unpacking from zip into 1 folders
      installing>> finish
      and then register by : Start>> RUn “REGSVR32 MSCOMCTL.OCX”
      Finish>> enjoy ^^ THanks buddy

    39. Is this is working 2012?

      • I Will confirm if it’s working 2012
        Or The file is corrupted

        I Will Confirm when my download finish!


    40. i have a solutions for the orror rror 5899: metadata file missing or damaged [1]!
      open the Half-Life and going to options
      now go to video ->>> softwear->>>openGL
      that it you can open the Exe.

    41. how to download this game??
      please help me :'(

    42. metallo /

      MSCOMCTL.OCX must exist in “c:\windows\system” for win7
      and “c:\windows\system32″ for winXP
      then run:

    43. hellow i have problem i cant access it got error luncher . exe cant find

    44. cs gamer /

      I got fatal error its says “error 5899: metadata file missing or damaged [1]!!” how can i repair?..

      • i have a problem its says “error 5899: metadata file missing or damaged [1]!! i mush what ????
        Help me Please

    45. cs gamer /

      if i need maps where can i download it?..

    46. unable to load authentication library, exiting…..

    47. why is it everytime i open the game, the text in the game is not fully shown..? its hard for me to tell if where’s the option, game, etc.. pls help..

    48. Can you please tell me the step-by-step process in installing this game I already downloaded all it’s parts.

      • Select all 4 files and then right click it and click extract file. after extraction run the installer that was extracted from the .rar files!

    49. thanks

    50. irshadkhan /


      Nice Game Future Advance

    51. this game cannot launcher…”Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file missing or invalid

    52. Ej riego /

      PLS reply every load of my CS the screen is zoomed in and the game doesn’t start….

      • Please check your system configuration if it supports the game or not.

      • hi buddy ……just try this

        go to option then go video tab check resolution keep it to 1024 X 768 it will work (for screen problem )then start game and while loading just wait dont click on screen or press Esc it will start automatically………(for map just keep it random bcuz some map r not working). I hope this will solve ur problem and u can play this game……..

    53. ther is a smal problem ther is a password ????

    54. mayur bannai /

      hey guys i downloaded counter strike xtreme v6 from another site and its asking me a password while extraction….so i gave “alisoftware” but it dinn accept it and said it was wrong….any sort of help is appricatiable

      • alisoftware is the password to start download from link given above. It includes patch also for it. Try downloading from the above link.

    55. Kyron senador /

      After done all 4 of them extract all?

    56. Error: CRC mismatch in file “CS Xtreme V6 Setup.exe” in the archive “F:\cs\cs_xtreme_v6_setup.part1.rar”

      Now what to do………….

    57. Airsmack /

      i cant play the game and it says “MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered”. can you pls help me for that.

      • try this buddy to register
        Click Start -> Run and type ” REGSVR32 MSCOMCTL.OCX “

    58. I have download all the four parts.. Now how to install it.

    59. hey friend actully game is nice i loved it bt a small problem the games window appears bigger then my monitor screen so i need u r help. some times the screen is ok bt some time it appears bigger …………rly help needed

    60. FIRELORD /

      Cannot launch the game, it says “metadata file is missing”…pls help

    61. its long download it

    62. i love this game make i am happy

    63. rizal love devi

    64. caranya ndownloag game cs bagaimana?

    65. Jaime Paulo W. Pecley /

      …..some of the maps is not working,,,,,if I’m going to play, it is loading but when it finished loading, it will go back to the main menu……..why is it like that???????and how would i solve it??????????????

      • Don’t know.. Maybe some issues with your computer or drivers. Its working fine on many computers.

      • Vincent Tan /

        This happens to me too

      • Vincent Tan /

        These maps don’t work in mine, they might be the reason why it finished loading it goes back to main menu
        cs_backalley.bsp cs_estate.bsp cs_havana.bsp
        cs_office.bsp de_airship.bsp de_chateau.bsp
        de_piranesi.bsp de_torn.bsp de_vertigo.bsp

    66. john paul /


    67. Game Master In The World /

      i love this game !

    68. Jaime Paulo W. Pecley /

      …… needs email address and password….,,,but i don’t have any…………please help me

    69. Game Master In The World /


    70. Arazshi /

      I love you <3

    71. maulana afdan akbar /

      bagus dan suka aku sepanjang hidupku

    72. jeffrey /

      please reply . how to install all the parts ??

      • download all the 4 parts. Extract all’em in one folder and double click/run any one out of 4.

    73. yeah its very cool!! thanks

    74. the keyword does work

    75. Abu Ayyas /

      Download Counter Strike Xtreme v6 2011 Part 3 | 190.73 MB
      can’t use Password : alisoftware. why?

    76. my avatar is ugky :( hahahhahahha jus’t kidding,, thaks,, it’s very2 cool

    77. i like it,,,! hohoohohohhoohohohh

    78. hey there’s a password needed. Whats the password

    79. John Paul /

      Does all part need to be download??? please help! me! I dont know how! I only download the first part but Im confuse with other part… reply please

    80. carlodenaque /

      this is may favorite game and i i love this game

    81. Patrick Ryan /

      I think it dosen’t make big trouble, one of my schoolmates have counter strike extreme

    82. everything i like this game

    83. putra sundoyyo /

      everyting i like this game

    84. Wow,this website is helping me,I like this game,this game is my favorite,and I’m gamers of the “WAR’

    85. stephen abamo /

      helloh guys.. can anyone experienced this trouble apon extractin the games and it did’nt work.. it will play but not all of the maps,,, help plsss

    86. nyungnyung /

      hei.. i got freeze when i played this,, i hava uninstall n install again, and download again,but didn’t works?? can u solve it??

    87. Is there anyone want to compet with on counter strike I can play with this game with my friend eyes close he he he

    88. This is one of my Favourite game and i really love this…..

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