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Download Angry Birds Rio 1.2.2 Free (PC)

Angry Birds Games - As you know that Angry Birds is a very popular games especially since it had been downloaded and installed by 100 million users and even more from all of the world. This time we have brought you guys the Angry Birds updates which is the final of Angry Birds Rio v1.2.2 (Full Patch) and you can download it for free.
If you had seen that in the previous version of Angry Birds, there were 6 level and only 3 could be unlocked, and the message on other three level said “Coming Soon”. Well, if you’re curious about the locked 3 levels and want to play them, then Angry Birds Rio v1.2.2 Full Patch is the answer.

Features updates of Angry Rio v1.2.2 Full Patch:
* There’s 15 new levels
* You will find a new achievements
* With a Boss fight!


System Requirments to play Angry Rio v1.2.2 Full Patch:

OS Supports: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Minimal 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM


Download Link : (Size : 43.12MB)
Password :

How To

  • After install double click the pach.exe, click the word “patch” and point to AngryBirdsRio.exe in the folder you installed the game usually Program Files/Rovio/Angry Birds Rio.
  • Then open the game click register and use the serial XXXX-XCOS-TEXX-XXXX

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    1. the file has been deleted?! :-(

    2. Hi i have downloaded angry birds but it is compressed but when i tried to extract it show this error “The archive is either damage or unknown” please give some suggestions.

    3. Abdul /

      I was looking fro it.Thanks for sharing man.

    4. suraj kumar /

      hello i have downloaded the angry birds rio v1.2.2 but after installation i am unable to start the game because it says that openGL 2.0 not rendered like that.. so what shall i do plz help me, i am using windows7 64-bit OS. otherwise you can mail me at,
      thanks in advance,

      • Its a problem with your graphic driver. Update your Windows 7 and install the latest version of your graphics driver to fix the problem.

    5. David Domincki /

      perfect.. much need game. Thanks

    6. Prakash /

      I’ve successfully installed and patched the application but the game is not working on my laptop. I am using dell inspiron 1525. When I open game, only half part of game (left side only) is displayed. Is this problem of game or something else? Please suggest me….

      For your information I have installed game twice (uninstalling one time)

    7. jailani /

      woww….. semmma machi,, soopera work pannudhu..

      is it working only for ‘rio’ , or i can use this for angry birds SPACE also ?

    8. I cannot patched .
      Show this error.
      The target is running
      Close it,then hit OK.

      How to fix this problem.Please help me.

    9. is there another regestration key?coz the key didnt work………….

    10. my pc is using intel pentium 4. it keeps appearing :
      OpenGL 2.0 is not supported
      OpenGL 1,4 renderer not supported
      OpenGL 1.3 is not supported.pls help me bro

      • Its an issue caused to do processor. We are not able to find a permanent fix to this. All you can do it try the game on some other computer.

    11. kupihitam /

      Thanks for share this game, love it nice bloh and keep sharing …..

    12. Zestlyn /


    13. aljawad /

      whats the password???

    14. Angry Birds /

      Thanks bro for sharing

    15. cordel (Philiphines) cavite . /

      love you digiupdates :)

    16. Angry Boy /

      i’m still can’t unlock a new level.. please help me!>!>?

    17. mitsulover /

      Still cannot open 2 level between carnival upheaval and golden beachball. Any suggestion ? Thank

    18. i already installed angrybirds rio but cant patch it.i cant find the file AngryBirdsRio.exe.the only file have is AngryBirdsRioinstaller1.2.2.exe

    19. fantastic >:D<

    20. I have win xp with SP3. while installing it gives me an error “could register the component” and when i ignore it multiple times it does some processing and again shows some missing component and roll back the installation. Pls help.

    21. nadalala /

      my pc is using intel pentium 4. it keeps appearing :
      OpenGL 2.0 is not supported
      OpenGL 1,4 renderer not supported
      OpenGL 1.3 is not supported.
      you suggest to re-install the driver. does it mean to use another processor instead of using intel pentium 4 ?
      your helps means a lot for my daughters. thanks.

      • I am pretty much sure that you are using Windows 7 as your OS. Just install your graphics driver through device manager. It has worked for many. :)

    22. its working thanx alot but the last two level shows coming soon..plz help me

    23. maverickross /

      thanx bro…

      its working….

      also do me a favour by sending cert and key for my nokia 5800 xpress music set with IMEI:353382040332285

    24. Heidi Dreisbach /

      you’re awesome!

    25. Thanks Bro.. it’s work as instructed.. great job..!!

    26. Jamille /

      Vlw cara de + td certo.


    28. jzwnaplay /

      worked peeeerfectly. thankyouuuuuuuu! ^__^

    29. The game is great..but where do you go after Carnival Upheaval? I still show ‘coming soon’ on the last two level..

    30. 1. visit
      2. Click skip ad to the adfly
      3. Password : Click unlock file
      4.Click here to start download from MediaFire..
      5.Click the winrar and click extract files the angrybirdrio folder and install the game.
      7. click the patch folder and point to AngryBirdsRio.exe in the folder. and open and click patch. Successfully patch will appear on the black man
      8.Then open the game click register and use the serial XXXX-XCOS-TEXX-XXXX

      • akshit /

        no dude its showing that the pass u entered is invalid

    31. This is working.. Thanks.. For those people who cant succesfully dowbload it.. Try to download winrar exe.. and just follow the procedure mentioned above. i think they just did not follow the procedure above thats why they did not able to succesfully get the game.. I will now start playing the game :)))

    32. I’ve tried the code but it says its wrong

    33. Robert Tampake /

      im running on Win 7 Ultimate…

      it works like magic…

      thanks a lot..

      This is the key for angry birds rio…

    35. I can’t use the patch, it says I don’t have permission when I click on it o-o

      • Check your computer’s configuration. Maybe it is having some issues with it and the patch is working fine.

    36. Thank you..Its working..lalalala..:*

    37. the serial XXXX-XCOS-TEXX-XXXX isn’t works! please help! the game is very cool!

      • i played until level 2-9 and then says that i need the password for continue.. the time is over?? says..

      • Please use the code mentioned in the article. It will get unlocked.

      • Its working but I don’t know why it is showing error on some pc’s . maybe issues with intel processors. Sorry for inconvenience

    38. omar liu /

      ty for the assistance

    39. Charlie Gaudia /

      @kashish jain: can you update this one? Because a newer version of this game has been released.

    40. the password to zip the .rar isn’t working with me

    41. basheer /

      i have installed angry birds rio but there is no patch and serial code in the rar file please help me i want full version of this game please

    42. Redlady120 /

      Way COOL work you did here.
      Thanks much.
      Hell! It works

    43. Shirish /

      Thanks for the downloading link! I am addicted to this cool game

    44. kim naive /

      how can i activate the full version?

      what is the activation key? may i know.please help.

    45. cant open your link..

    46. Hi,
      I installed the game and applied the patch. It displayed, Patch Successful but when i try to run the game it displays an error saying – ” OpenGL2.0 is not supported and OpenGL 1.3 is not supported. Please help me :-(

    47. where is patch.exe? i can’t find it. please help me. tell all the steps throughly.

    48. angry birds patch is working. both the password and registry code are correct. just follow the instructions. thanks bro!!

    49. ghuz darma /

      how to download?

    50. How to get the levels after the carnival ??

    51. scratchykalmot /

      Thanks for this post! Awesome! IT WORKS GUYS! I did it in one go. just follow the instructions and do not skip anything.

    52. Denise Deveraturda /

      Thanks!!! it is awesome!!! GOD BLESS!

    53. the password is not correct

    54. Charlie Gaudia /

      it really works! Thanks bro. =) very addicting!

    55. Unable to download from Mediafire! :( the password prompt doesnt show!

    56. bjsomeratan /

      nice angry birds

    57. thanks! the patch works!
      thank you

    58. nice game

    59. the code is not working….huhuhuhhuh

    60. i cant patch on my windows 7 ultimate, it shows , the target is running-close it and try again..

    61. Benedicte /

      I am told that the code is not correct

    62. Thanxxxxxxxxxxx a lot

    63. i still can’t open the game after patch and point to angrybirds.exe

    64. Thanks for the downloading link! I am addicted to this cool game :)

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