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Virtual DJ Pro 7 with Sound Effects Free Download

Virtual DJ Pro – a professional software for DJs by using which they can generate different sounds and mix sounds/music efficiently on the PC with the help of effects, transitions, and much more. This software can be used by beginners but ideally it is meant for profession DJ’s and sound mixers. Virtual DJ consists of a set of audio tools, effects and widgets designed specifically for Disco Jockey’s, it is also possible to create music tracks from MP3-files in the built-in player,the program allows you to overclock the music inside the tempo or increase the speed of sound in manual and automatic mode. Supports the ability to synchronize tracks by tempo and speed by and much more..  So what are waiting for.. scroll down, download the software and mix your music.

Key features:

– Automatic adjustment of track speedAtomix Virtual DJ Pro 7 Cracked 80+ sound effects skins Free Download Updated  Virtual DJ Pro 7 with Sound Effects Free Download
– This changes the volume level
– Excellent imitation vinyl records
– Automatic reduction of the tracks
– Built-ins for audio processing
– Three-band EQ
– Control of pitch (from -34% to +34%)
– Synchronised sampler
– Compatible with VST effects
– Video mixing (mix songs and / or video clips)
– Fully supported karaoke
– Compatible with ID3-tags
– Encoding CD to MP3
– Compatible with sound cards, ASIO
– Support for the change program interface using skins
– Support for MIDI-keyboard to control tracks
– Record mixes to WAV or MP3 formats
And much more…

Download Here : Atomix Virtual DJ 7 and Sound Effects
Password :
(Removed Password)

This version is for testing purpose only. Please buy the original from the official website.

VirtualDJ is the only programme you need today to mix and scratch smoothly any kind of music/video.  VirtualDJ, with timecode vinyl; can scratch digital music directly on traditional turntables. Go crazy with its features and effects & explore the music. It fits perfectly inside your existing DJ booth and allows you to progressively switch to digital mixing at your own pace.It is the only software which provides you all the tools you need including Music Video & Karaoke support, Fully automated playlist mixing, Hardware Controller support and Mufti-format audio database.

 Virtual DJ Pro 7 with Sound Effects Free Download

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    1. /

      Usually I do not read post on blogs, but
      I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do it!

      Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very great post.

    2. thank you

    3. i don know do the password

    4. Link are dead.
      Fl studio’s link is also dead.

    5. stamper55 /

      works good… but can’t get controller to work :\

    6. Rahul Chopra /

      I will say for sure. Vdj is best software for mixing 2 songs. i loved it. I am happy its free to download.

    7. duce2fly /

      im still trynna fingure out were u click to download it…ans is the full version or the demo….i need the full version

    8. bradfit /

      bro wwhy its working for …. but it sudenlly dis ppear and it says error contact viptual dj…..

      • DJ Jitendra /

        As it is a Trial & Error version, just to test, there’s some problem.. I also suffered it.. But, never mind, you can uninstall the Pro version & instal Home* Free version. The effects work smooth in free version too….
        *Download VDJ V 7.0 or later.
        :) Hope this helps!

      • what is the password to download file ?

      • Password has been removed. Enjoy the Download.

    9. DJ Jitendra /

      Thanks a Lot bro!! Itz really helpful for Upcoming DJs like me & million others who’d have been wandering for this package. its really helpful! The greatest Fact worth mentioning is- YOU DON’T Spend a Penny here. Its all For free…
      Great work Kashish Bhai! :)
      Best Wishes,

    10. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

    11. nasif /

      what is the password to download file ?

    12. Hi there, Ive searched hi & low and have decided I need some assistants. I have all the instal done and now as soon as I open vdj I get a protection error. I found a tutorial that said remove the file from preferences plist file (I’m on a mac). I sought out this file and to no avail… Can u guide a girl who’s desperate!

      • thatpersonthatscommenting /

        im getting the same error. i dont know what to do ):

    13. how to download..because its have a password….give mia password

    14. How can I use effects on Mac? Its a .exe file!

    15. Does it work ??

    16. i cant not download this program How is download

    17. thank you

    18. Wendi /

      Its working fine.. Thanks

    19. Smigiel /

      Thanks a lot

    20. The latest version of Virtual DJ recognizes the style of the music and adapt its mix in consequence

    21. Thanks a lot man.. :)

    22. can u please tell me the steps on how to download it? when i clicked the link, it directed me to mediafire. what am i going to do next? tnx. i need ur response

    23. choclate /

      i got :DD
      but no i got the problem with the sinks! the soundeffect´s, samplers are working but i can load the skins?

    24. I made 8 mixes so far and they rule.


    25. In order for this to work you need to disconnect from your internet!!! It WORKS!! Thanks (:

    26. So like I downloaded the program & i installed it once i started to finish the program said “Virtual DJ is not responding” or something like that, but the little Virtual DJ icon was on my desktop. & also once i run the program in like 30sec. it says “Protection Error 8″. Any idea what’s happening here??? :/ Oh & also another problem, there is no uninstall folder or anything on it??? Please help as soon as you can. I think everyone sees this problem too. Thank you for your time hope to hear back from you. :)

      • Oh & one more thing whenever I click on “Config” on to top right corner of the program i also get a message saying “Virtual DJ Has Stopped Working” :(

      • You need to upgrade your computer hardware for this. The programs is too heavy for you system.

    27. im getting this message “Protection Error 8″ how can i manage this??? please help me as soon as possible. thanks

    28. kumar sarran /

      bro u have really helped me in fulfilling my desire of having control of my music thanks a whole lot!!!!


    30. darrell /

      i need the serial number

    31. Hope it will work am just downloading it right now.

    32. Hey I downloaded the program works well and all but when I went to a party to play it didn’t work well with a Serato Box. Any help?? I tried configuring it and changing up the settings so it can work & nothing happened :/

    33. hey man i know this must get annoying but does this work for mac if so what program do i need to unzip it

    34. help it says error video code what do i do?

    35. I downloaded the file, the password worked but when it was finished downloaded it did not come up as a zipped file so it wont let me open it, when i try to open it, it says Windows needs to no what program you want to use to open it,windows can go online and look it up automatically or manually select it from a list of programs on your computer ! what do i do ! i need pro for my vestax.

    36. i dont see the password at all

      • Dj Heartless /

        The password is – www.*digiupdates*.com (Remove Stars)

    37. I’ve been trying to get the pro version for a while but i could never afford to buy it… you just made my day dude

    38. Dj Heartless /

      I too am recieving the error 8 message. how can i remove that?

    39. if this is full version then why cant you search and play songs from the internet ??

    40. PapaPilki /

      why are the files .exe files?

    41. wea am i to get the effects????

    42. this is not full version right ??

    43. hey i downloaded it all right and put in the password after installation…but it wont open. it says there is an error

    44. After I put the password in then it goes to a page that asks me to put the words in that I see…but then no download link appears. Assistance will be very much appreciated

      • You just need to enter the password. You can copy-paste it if you want. and the green button for download will appear.

    45. tapas ranjan rath /

      amazing dude

    46. The password you entered was invalid

    47. YOU ARE THE BEST..

    48. Thanks

    49. DJ Sirmixalot /

      No where on these comments do you address the error 8 message that you receive when you download the software. Why are you avoiding this? Please post a response!!!

      • Because very few people are getting this error and we are not able to detect that why is that happening. Sorry for inconvenience.

      • Error 8 msg is because the program is pirated and Atomix have detected that through the auto update function of the software. You need to uninstall vdj then go into the registry editor and delete everything with atomix or virtual dj. start – run – regedit – hkey_local_machine – software and delete the virtual DJ file. Then re-insatll and turn off the auto update feature in the settings.

    50. Cool, nice thinking… password itself is not the site but the words

    51. suman da /

      after downloading the software when i want to work with it, it says error 8!what to do bro? and how can i unzip the file ?

    52. tapas ranjan rath /

      what is the password to download

    53. magicrunner /

      Key works….

    54. Thank You.

    55. wat is the password

    56. does this work for mac?

    57. thnks dude nice job works perfectly, just needs some knoledge to put it working :P

    58. nick vicious /

      dude thanx a mill>>> u rock!!!

    59. any idea how to get it working with virtual dj remote for i pad … they sync through ur network

    60. what is error 8?

    61. it is asking for de serial number what do i do..???

    62. Having some trouble. when I downloaded the file it opens as a .rar. How does this whole process work?

    63. great share man,

      some folks cant read and follow instructions.

    64. Hi, i have downloaded 20+ versions of this software and yours is the first one of them that actually lets the asio run as it should, all the others wont let it run. Well done you!!!

    65. dj el noob /

      hello im trying to download the software but it asks me for a password can you be cool and email me the password to download the program to my personal pc thank you

    66. thankssss

    67. u great bro. thanks 4 share

    68. Dj Unkown /

      When I install the VDJ 7.0 it runs on the first time, when I try to run it agian, it gives me ERROR 8- protection code. Please advise.

      thank you.

    69. HI there!! I tried the password but didnt work..I cant download the file..thanks.

    70. its still asking for a password to download…

    71. Erick G /

      Mine says error too.

    72. John Walker /

      I keep getting the error message protection error 8…any idea what to do

    73. this is which version of virtual dj
      *virtual dj pro full 7
      * virtual dj pro basic
      please tell me

    74. umberto /

      it says error

    75. krishna /

      I can’t Zip the file of it

    76. How can I install the effects on my Virtual Dj

      • Just download the effects file and install it. They migrate themselves and if they don’t just goto effects option on virtual Dj in select the browse button to install the effects.

    77. idontknowwhatisthecrack /

      what is the serial number?!

    78. totosound /

      thankkk for u

    79. jason /

      what is the password for the effects download zip file

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